Kareem Alahdab is a commercial and advertising photographer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He initially entered the advertising industry as an account executive and manager. While gaining experience at top agencies such as Leo Burnett and Impact BBDO he felt more drawn to the creative parts of the industry. Eventually, his appreciation for art and ability to spot the often missed fine details lead him to photography.
With several training courses and days of practice under his belt, he began shooting professionaly in 2013. Now, with his technical capabilties in photography and understanding of branding and consumer behavior, Kareem seeks to create captivating images that have a strong lasting impression on your brand.


Photographing food is a very rewarding experience because the subject is one that all people can relate to. The goal is to create mouthwatering images that are appetizing and that get the senses going.
Let your dish stand out!


It takes careful planning of time and place to come up with photos that move people and give the sense of being there.


Every product’s unique shape and build material means it will react to light differently. This is why lighting products is so technically demanding and why every shoot is a joy. Obtain a clean, striking image that evokes emotion in-line with your brand.


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