Buns Burger Station - Riyadh. Photography by Kareem Alahdab.

Photography Blog Dedicated to Photographers in Riyadh Launched!

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Hello! I’m thrilled to announce my new portfolio and photography blog are now up and running.

I think it’s important to discuss what the blog will be about so let’s get that out of the way. The main goal here is to share helpful information, insight and tips that are useful to those who are starting out in photography, or want to improve their photography skills in general, with a stronger emphasis on commercial photography in a studio environment.

While there are always useful courses and workshops happening around Riyadh, I don’t recall many of them being focused on commercial / advertising photography. Courses usually span the duration of a few days at most and I don’t think you can cover as many things as is needed in that duration. Finally, most of the courses are given in Arabic which makes it difficult for those who don’t speak the language but live in Riyadh to participate.

For these reasons, I’ve decided to start a bilingual (Arabic & English) photography blog dedicated to photographers in riyadh which will go over the basics of photography and then slowly build up into the more advanced skills required for commercial photography. I’ll be sharing tips, news, behind the scenes footage on how certain images were taken and perhaps at some point small workshops where you can learn how to take a specific shot in a studio environment.

I hope that together we can help out the local community of photographers enjoy doing what they love and progress with their passion.

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